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Marvin Bifold Doors

Window Replacement & Windows for New Construction

Windows should be part of your interior design because with windows you can change the look and feel of your home. California Design has a large selection of windows for any budget – from high end to great value.

We work with homeowners, architects, builders, and interior designers to ensure the best windows to fit your needs are installed. Our top brands include:

Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows & DoorsMarvin windows, including the Marvin, and Integrity brands. Known to challenge industry standards, the Marvin family of brands pushes design to its limits in aesthetics, function and durability. Their products are preferred for new construction, remodels and replacement projects.

Amerimax Windows

Amerimax Windows

Amerimax windows has a wide range of windows. Their vinyl replacement windows are individually engineered to far exceed industry standards for energy efficiency, quality and value.

Crystal Pacific Windows

Crystal Pacific Windows

Crystal Pacific is a manufacturer of energy-efficient, quality windows for replacement and new construction applications. Brands include Vista Windows, Vista Plus Windows and Vista Plus Projected Windows, along with Greenhouse Windows and windows for light commercial and commercial applications

Good Window Benefits

  • Energy efficient windows will insulate your home against wind, rain, dust, alergens and noise.
  • They can help save money on your utilities bills.
  • Windows and patio doors are some of the most defining features of a home.

Why California Design for Your New Construction and Replacement Windows

We are sure we can find windows you will be glad to call “yours.” We have been in business for more than 28 years, and have more than 350,000 window and door installations.

  • Great customer service
  • Professional window installation
  • Full manufacturers warranty
  • The best replacement and new construction windows available on the market.

The Highest Quality Doors, Windows & Awnings from Premier Brands

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